Creative Holiday Gift Packaging Ideas

Want to add some festive flair to your holiday gifts this year?  Here are some creative packaging ideas from Martha Stewart that promise to do just that!

For packaging holiday cookies and other baked goods, try making these easy envelopes and tins using the clip-art templates provided (click pictures below to open links).

Cookie Envelopes

Cookie Envelopes

Doily Tins

Recycle last year’s holiday cards by transforming them into colorful gift box toppers.

Cheerful Gift Boxes

Instead of ribbon, try embellishing gifts with decorative tape made from traditional Japanese washi paper that comes in a variety of fun graphic designs.  Tape can be purchased online from happytape.

Decorative Holiday Tape

Personalize gift cards with these fabric-covered envelopes and onament-shaped holders.

Gift Card Holders

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