A Colorful Longview Gallery wedding

I had the privilege of working with Marisa and Dan on their wedding last year. They are an amazing couple, individually and together. I loved the sense of humor and style that they brought to the planning process. It resulted in a really beautiful, fun event.

The bride’s vision for the reception was a festive Mexican-influenced style. We focused on bright colors and the bride brought in personal touches to make the reception even more unique. Longview Gallery was a great backdrop for this intimate event and Chris Baltazar captured the day beautifully.

Congratulations, Marisa & Dan!


Venue: Longview Gallery
Caterer: Occasions
Photographer: Chris Baltazar
Florist: Sidra Forman

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  1. Amazing wedding pics!! Congrats Marisa & Dan.It would be really delightful for everyone,who’s there at you r wedding party.Good to see you happy, have great future ahead

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