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Creative Guest Book Idea

It is always nice to have a guest book at your wedding for guests to leave little notes congratulating you on your special day! But the classic, plain guest book can get a little boring. Here is a great idea from Martha Stewart for an alternative guest book.

Plate Guest Book

Instead of having guests write on a book, buy several white dishes for guests to sign with metallic paint pens. After the event, arrange the plates on a wall in your home in random groupings. You will be reminded of your special day every time you see it and house guests will love the whimsical feel of the decorations!

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Even though it seems like it was just New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While it is always sweet to give your Valentine a box of chocolates or a heartfelt card, there are tons of other small DIY crafts that make thoughtful and fun gifts! Below are two of my favorite but there are plenty more to choose from on Martha Stewart’s website.

Heart Shaped Soap

Remember those conversation heart candies that you used to give your Valentines when we were kids? These heart shaped soaps are the grown up version. They require a few ingredients and time to make, but your Valentine is guaranteed to love the thought and effort you put in!

Message in a Bottle

This message in a bottle idea is easy to pull off. All you really need is a clear, empty wine bottle, markers and a few heart decorations. Then write your love letter on a pretty piece of paper and slip it in the bottle. It may seem simple but your Valentine will love this fun and quirky gift!

Valentine’s Day Ice Cubes

Whether you are hosting guests for a Valentine’s Day get together or just want to show that special someone you care, this project is for you! These pomegranate filled ice cubes are easy to make and will instantly make any drink you serve that much more special.


Pomegranate Heart Ice Cubes

You can find a step-by-step process on how to make these ice cubs here, but essentially you just put three pomegranate seeds in a heart shaped ice tray. Freeze and then serve in your drink of choice!


“New Year, New Uses”

REAL SIMPLE featured a post titled “New Year New Uses,” which I loved. It explains how common household items can be transformed into something new and awesome! There are several in the article worth checking out but below are a few of my favorites.

Baby Oil to Detangle Necklaces

One of the most frustrating things for me is when my necklaces get tangled! I can never seem to untangle them myself. Easy solution: rub a small amount of baby oil into the knot and work it free with a straight pin.

Holiday Lights as a Night Light

This is a fun, quirky way to use your holiday lights year round. Simply get any size Mason jar and fill it with battery powered holiday lights. This cute night light can be used anywhere around your home to add spark.

Lollipops as Cocktail Stirrers

Maybe it is because I am a kid at heart but I love the idea of using lollipops as cocktail stirrers. Pick a flavor or color that compliments the cocktail being served. Your guests will love this fun twist on a childhood favorite!

Sparkly New Year’s Day Brunch

As we’ve gotten older and friends’ families have started to grow, we’ve found that its naturally harder to plan New Year’s Eve events. Last year the idea came to me of hosting a New Year’s Day brunch instead. That way, our friends and their children could all come together to celebrate the new year in a family-friendly way.

We hire baby-sitters and make sure there are fun activities for the children. Friends say that this helps them to more easily connect with people at the party while knowing that their children are safe and having fun. I create a separate buffet with kid-friendly food in addition to a brunch buffet, dessert display, and beverage “station” for all of the adults.

I wanted the party to be “sparkly” and focused on a silver and white color palette. I sewed a silver sequin runner for the buffet table and a sequin topper with a white skirt for the dessert buffet sideboard. Flowers (done by Petal’s Edge) featured whites and greys and some of the vases we wrapped in sparkly ribbon. Drink stirrers were also wrapped with tiny tinsel strands. Subway art above the buffet is from Eighteen 25.

Here are a few photos from the brunch, beautifully captured by the talented photographer Katarina Price. Thanks, Katarina!

Oh My Gourd! Fall Centerpiece Idea

I recently helped on a team of women who worked on decorations for a women’s luncheon at church. We were inspired by this idea from Better Homes & Gardens which is perfect for fall.

We first cut off the top of the squash and then used a melon baller to scoop out a portion of the inside. Supermarket flowers were perfect to make the arrangements. In addition to butternut squash, we used acorn squash, as well. The whole process was actually very easy and the result beautiful!


gourd centerpieces via Better Homes & Gardens


Printing on Fabric, Post-It Notes, and Paper Tags

How cool would it be to print on fabric or on odd shaped paper — or even on a post-it note? It would certainly come in handy when doing DIY craft projects. Well, apparently you can do all of those things. Here are some tips, including step-by-step instructions on how to print on various mediums. Click on the photo to take you to the instructions.

how to print on tags via Design Editor

how to print on fabric via Modern Day Moms

how to print on post-it notes via Sugardoodle

Election Party Decor: Silverware Holders

The 2012 election is just around the corner. Are you hosting an election results party? If so, these silverware holders via Kate’s Paperie are absolutely adorable. Just download the template, print on blue and red card stock, cut out the states (that part might be time-intensive!), cut two slits, and assemble with the silverware. I think the end result would be worth the work.

Don’t forget to vote! It counts!

Utensil holder craft via Kate's Paperie

Fall Wreaths

Fall is here and I am considering making a wreath for my front door. I haven’t found that “one” that I love but these ideas are inspiring and I may consider tackling one of them. Now just to decide which one!

wheat wreath from Martha Stewart

Fall Foliage Wreath from Martha Stewart

Nut Wreath from Martha Stewart

Felted Floral Wreath from Feeling Lovesome

Wallpaper Wedding Ceremony Decor

Wallpaper is a brilliant way to bring color and print to wedding decor. Here are three ways Martha Stewart suggests wallpaper can be incorporated:

1) Ceremony backdrop

2) Aisle runner

3) Chair back covers

I love how each black and white wallpaper print is unique but complements the other. Together, they make a striking impact for a wedding ceremony set up.


Martha Stewart Wallpaper Ceremony Decor