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Papier Mache Nests

Do you remember making papier mache projects as a kid? One of my favorite projects was making a globe by papering a balloon. Ah, the memories. Ah, the glue everywhere.

Here’s a papier mache project for grown ups and kids alike — papier mache nests to hold dyed Easter eggs. Aren’t they so pretty?

papier mache nests via Country Living

Easter Goody Bags

Easter goody bags via Everything Fab


I can’t believe Easter is just around the corner. Every year I try to pull together little Easter baskets for my husband and me. This year, I am tempted to make these adorable Easter treats instead. Check out the instructions on Everything Fabulous.


Think Outside the Shell

Decorating Easter eggs isn’t just child’s play—there are many creative egg decorating methods that can transform an ordinary object into a stylish work of art.

These traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs are elaborately decorated using a wax-resist (batik) method.  Beeswax is melted into a special writing tool called a “kistka” which is then used to draw the design onto the egg. The egg is placed into a colored dye bath which covers all areas of the egg shell that have not been protected in wax.  This process is then repeated with subsequent wax applications and darker dyes; each application of wax protects the previous dye color.  When the last color has been applied, the multiple layers of wax are melted to reveal the final intricate pattern.

Read more about the Pysanky art form.

Pysanky eggs via The Hungarian Girl

Dyeing Techniques
Some simplified egg dyeing techniques use vinyl adhesive tape, stickers, or leaf clippings instead of wax for elegant masked designs.

Stenciled dyed easter eggs via Martha Stewart

Botanical dyed eggs via Martha Stewart

Another easy egg-decorating process, decoupage, involves gluing decorative papers onto eggs.  Origami paper, tissue paper, and even printed paper napkins make excellent material to use to decoupage eggs.

origami-covered Easter eggs via Martha Stewart

Tissue paper eggs via Martha Stewart

Embellished Egg Ornaments
Ribbons and trimmings make lovely embellishments for an otherwise plain egg.  Glue a loop of ribbon to one end and eggs can be hung as ornaments from an arrangement of pussy willow branches.

Egg ornaments via Martha Stewart

Egg tree via Martha Stewart

Easy Easter Tablescape Idea

via Better Homes and Gardens

A beautiful glass cloche covering springtime emblems makes a simple, gorgeous statement on an Easter table. An egg cup, some pretty spring flowers, a strand of ribbon, and a few personal trinkets come together in a beautiful composition. Incorporate spring colors that reflect and complement your home decor. Make it personal and your own!

Here are three sources to get the process started:

glass cloche bell from Wisteria

Classic Egg Cup from Crate & Barrel

peach organza ribbon from M&J Trimming

Easter Entertaining: Tablescape Inspiration Part Three

This is the last in a series of three posts on creating tablescapes for Easter entertaining. Part One illustrated a casual table — something you could pull together with little time on a small budget — and Part Two was a more modern take on an Easter table.

Today’s inspiration is for a formal Easter tablescape, anchored by rich gold and pink accents. A rose-colored silk dupioni horizontal runner adds color to the table and unites the place settings opposite one another. Gold napkins are placed under the plate to allow the charger, china, and menu card to be more of a focal point. Gold flatware helps keep the look consistent and individual salt and pepper shakers add even more formality.

An elegant gold and pink Easter tablescape

An elegant gold and pink Easter tablescape

The floral centerpiece features a moss “nest,” held together with a new floral resource  — a weblike material available at florist shops — that shapes and accentuates the “nest.” Tall branches and flowers give the arrangement height making it perfect to use a centerpiece initially, but it should then be moved to a sideboard during dinner to allow guests to more easily see and talk with one another.

menu card adorned with a vintage broche

menu card adorned with a vintage brooch

To add a little more “bling” to the already opulent setting, we attached a vintage brooch to the menu card and tied it off with double-sided satin ribbon. The menu card also serves as a placecard.

Etched glassware

Etched glassware (photo courtesy of Morgan Wilson)

Beautiful etched glassware completes the setting. The delicate pattern in the three glasses matches well with the delicate china and other formal elements.

I hope these tablescapes have inspired you over the last three days as you prepare for your Easter entertaining. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday!

Floral arrangement by Karin’s Florist
Rentals courtesy of DC Rental

Easter Entertaining: Tablescape Inspiration Part Two

Easter is quickly approaching and if you are hosting friends and family in your home you are likely in the throes of figuring out your menu and how you are going to present and serve it. To help you in your planning, this week I am sharing three tablescapes which I hope will provide some inspiration for your Easter table.

Today’s tablescape is a modern approach to an Easter or Spring table. The square plates, sleek flatware, and stemless glasses each project a modern style.

A modern take on an Easter tablescape

A modern take on an Easter tablescape

The charger, or base plate, is actually a platter which is re-purposed here into a charger. Always consider pieces in your pantry in a new way — can a bowl be turned upside down to serve as a stand? An egg cup into a vase or candle holder?

The silver-banded charger is complemented by the sleek metal flatware and silver dupioni napkin — folded into a square to mirror the plate.

A pink glass salad plate adds a pop of spring-like color that is echoed by the pink tulips.

floral wire adds definition and texture to a glass vase of tulips

floral wire adds definition and texture to a glass vase of tulips

Floral wire — sold at florist shops and supply stores in a variety of colors — is wrapped around the top of the vase, mimicking a nest. The wire could also be wrapped around the inside of the vase for a dramatic look.

little treats rest on top of a wave-like demitasse cup and saucer

little treats rest on top of a wave-like demitasse cup and saucer

Finally, demitasse cups and saucers are joined by sweet treats — awaiting guests as they take their seats. The rectangular wave-like cup and saucer treatment completes the modern look.

Many thanks to the good folks at DC Rental who provided the plates, flatware, and glasware in this tablescape, as well as their creative energies!

Stay tuned for one more Easter tablescape inspiration this week!

Easter Entertaining: Tablescape Inspirations

I recently did a lecture on Easter entertaining where I shared three different takes on an Easter table — each working with a white tablecloth and white dinner plates.

For the next few days leading up to Easter, I’ll be sharing those three tablescapes which I hope will offer a little inspiration as you prepare your own Easter table.

The first tablescape illustrates something a hostess could pull together in a little amount of time with a small budget. Its simple touches pull the table together with a rustic simplicity.

informal Easter tablescape

informal Easter tablescape

Simple flatware and glassware are dressed up with pops of pink from the napkins, egg cups, and a tight cluster of carnations. The carnations are set in a mason jar (any glass jar from around the house would do) with a ribbon of raffia. The raffia is reflected again on the pink egg cups.

"nested" place card

"nested" place card

Place cards are made by setting scrolled pieces of paper inside a tiny bird’s nest with soft, neutral speckled eggs.

easy-to-make placecards (photo courtesy of Morgan Wilson)

easy-to-make placecards (photo courtesy of Morgan Wilson)

If you don’t have time to run to a craft store to buy the nests, you can form nests out of raffia or out of Easter basket cello shred.

Stay tuned later this week for two more Easter tablescape inspirations!

Adorable Easter Chocolates

Easter totally snuck up me this year! I have a few ideas for my Easter brunch menu, but I really need to get planning all the other details. I did find these adorable chocolates from Knipschildt, though, which I think would be lovely in small dishes at each guests’ place setting or served just as is — in their very appropriate container — passed around with coffee after brunch.

Now, back to planning the rest of the meal!

chocolate quail eggs from Knipschildt

chocolate quail eggs from Knipschildt