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Keeping escort cards from flying away

I was at a DC wedding venue the other day that was absolutely stunning but the wind on that particularly breezy day was blowing everything all over the place. It made me think about ways in which events need to be “wind-proofed” including little things like making sure that escort cards don’t fly away.

You can always use something as an alternative to paper escort cards, like a framed listing of table assignments or hand-polished rocks with names written on them, as examples. But if you really want to use the traditional paper cards, just be sure to display them securely. I love these two ideas.

In the first, cards are nestled in a lentil-lined serving tray to keep them from flying away. The second shows cards tucked into old window shutters. Both are fun and clever!

photo by Meg Runion

photo by Terra Dawn Photography

Escort Cards nestled in floral beds

I am working with a client who is considering using baby’s breath in large clusters at her wedding to create floral impact. When done right, baby’s breath can be a beautiful floral option.

This example of baby’s breath as a bed for escort cards is fabulous. It reminds me of a wedding I did where we used wheatgrass as a bed for escort cards and then again for favors later in the night. I could also see moss and stones as very natural, organic foundations for an escort card display. So many options!

Baby's breath bed - perfect for escort cards; via Style Me Pretty

escort cards on wheatgrass; photo by Holland Photo Arts

Bringing the outdoors in: pinecone decor inspiration

I am always looking for non-floral decor alternatives for weddings and other events. My husband and I went on a hike today in Great Falls and everywhere I turned I found inspiration for Fall decor!  My mind is now spinning with ideas for incorporating natural elements — like pinecones, greenery, branches, and acorns — into designs.

In fact, I worked on an event recently where a team of us collaborated on nature-inspired centerpieces — we filled clear vessels with pears and apples and used acorns and pinecones as filler. I can’t take credit for the design, but it looked great!

Below are a few images that are inspiring me to go out and collect all of the pinecones I can find — then I’ll be prepared for Fall decorating next year, too!

DIY pinecone wedding bouquet via Once Wed

pinecone boutonniere via Martha Stewart

Rustic pinecone monogram via Martha Stewart

pinecone escort card table via Martha Stewart

pinecone monogram via Martha Stewart

pinecone wreath via Country Living

gilded pinecone placecard via Country Living

Scrabble tile place cards

My absolute, all-time favorite board game is Scrabble. It’s a little like golf for me — I am terrible at it but it never stops me from wanting to play again, and again, and again.

So I was tickled pink when I saw this clever idea on the LA Style Unveiled Blog recently for Scrabble Tile Placecards. Are they not fabulous? Perfect for a game night dinner, engagement party, or a rehearsal dinner, the placecards would be a whimsical addition to any table setting.

Scrabble Tile Placecards as seen on Los Angeles Style Unveiled

Scrabble Tile Placecards as seen on Los Angeles Style Unveiled

Scrabble tiles and trays can be purchased as replacement pieces so you don’t have to buy the full game itself ten times over. For a large event where you’re using lots of the Scrabble placecards, I’d suggest affixing the tiles to the tray with double-sided tape to keep them secure, otherwise they are bound to get bumped off.

Demystifying escort and place cards

One of the questions I am often asked to clarify for clients is the difference between escort (or seating) cards and place cards. There is a simple way to remember this:

Escort cards escort guests to their table, while place cards indicate at which place at the table they should sit.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are used at large events when guests need to be assigned to tables. The cards are generally set out in alphabetical order on a table or some other creative setting so that guests can easily find their card. Cards can be written for each couple or for each guest individually.

Escort cards need not be traditional cards, they could be votive candles (like the image from a Rex & Regina wedding below) apples with calligraphied names pinned to them, shells for a beach wedding… you name it!

votive candles as escort cards, photo courtesy of cb photography

votive candles as escort cards, photo courtesy of cb photography

These tented cards are anything but traditional. Used at a Rex & Regina wedding, these gorgeous cards were created by Saima Says and were part of a larger stationery suite used throughout the wedding.

Escort cards, photo courtesy of Baltazar Photography

Escort cards, photo courtesy of Baltazar Photography

These little bundles of lavender, featured on Martha Stewart,  illustrate that the sky is the limit with respect to creative  escort cards:

Lavender bundle place cards

Lavender bundle place cards

Place Cards

Place cards can be a useful tool in helping guests feel comfortable at the table at which they are assigned. A host should carefully consider where to seat each person so that, to the extend possible, each is seated near someone they know but also near someone with whom they can enjoy interesting conversation.

When guests have selected specific entrees in advance, the place cards can also help the servers know what entree each guest should receive. (Escort cards can also do this, but only if guests think to set their escort card in front of their place setting when they sit down.)

Here are a few inspiring place card ideas from Martha Stewart:

this clever place card doubles as a menu stand

this clever place card doubles as a menu stand

a simple topiary makes a stunning place card

a simple topiary makes a stunning place card

a wrapped clementine provides a pop of vibrant color

a wrapped clementine provides a pop of vibrant color