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Valentine’s Day Ice Cubes

Whether you are hosting guests for a Valentine’s Day get together or just want to show that special someone you care, this project is for you! These pomegranate filled ice cubes are easy to make and will instantly make any drink you serve that much more special.


Pomegranate Heart Ice Cubes

You can find a step-by-step process on how to make these ice cubs here, but essentially you just put three pomegranate seeds in a heart shaped ice tray. Freeze and then serve in your drink of choice!


Vintage-inspired aprons

I have a drawer full of aprons in my kitchen. None of them, however, are as adorable as these vintage-inspired looks. Turn up the fashion in the kitchen by donning one of these feminine creations.


chambray apron from Anthropogie


cotton and lace trim apron from Anthropologie

color block apron from Anthropologie

half apron from Sur La Table

toille apron from Sur La Table

Parisian apron from Jessie Steele

Sale at Sur La Table

Sur La Table — a tie with Williams-Sonoma for my favorite kitchenware store — is having their big annual sale right now. Time to stock up on kitchen basics and fun new items! Here are a few things I’d put on my list:

flour sack towels

Red Deco Dot Apron

Deviled Egg Platter

Porcelain Cake Stands

Bamboo Salt Box

Clip it.

These sparrow clips are infinitely cuter than the metal office clips we occasionally end up using here at my house to preserve an open bag of cereal or chips. Wouldn’t these make a great gift?

Sparrow Clips available at MoMA store

Have ice cream. Will travel.

One of my favorite kitchen appliances is my Krups ice cream machine. I love it so much, in fact, that I have two so that I can make more than one flavor of homemade ice cream at a time. Taking the ice cream anywhere, though, can be a challenge, which is why I find this little container ingenious!

Insulated Portable Ice Cream Container available at Spoon Sisters

Berry-licious! Porcelain berry containers

I’ve been up in Massachusetts on location at wedding and had the opportunity to visit my Aunt and Uncle. They are master gardeners and have amazing vegetable and flower gardens. They also have rows and rows of blackberry bushes — one of my favorite berries. So I chucked when I saw these porcelain berry containers from Jayson Home and Garden.  Adorable!

Farmers Market Baskets from Jayson Home & Garden

Chop, Chop. A Super Chic Cutting Board System.

After our upcoming kitchen remodel, my goal is to have as few things as possible cluttering the countertops. There are certain essentials, however, that need to be there — like our KitchenAid mixer and our Boos board.

We love our Boos board and use it everyday for chopping vegetables and herbs. We are careful to use a separate plastic board, though, for working with meats of any kind so that we can keep everything sanitary and clean.

I recently fell in love with this cutting board system by Joseph Joseph which offers an organized solution for keeping cutting boards from “cross-contamination.” Its sleek storage container and four color-coded chopping boards are not only aesthetically interesting, but practical as well. The illustrated tab on each board helps a cook easily identify the boards to ensure the same board is used each time for similar food types.

I am not sure if I need to add anything else to my already very full kitchen cabinets and countertops, but if I did, it might be this!

Index Cutting Boards available on A+R

a great way to organize cutting boards

Registry Must Haves: Kitchen Essentials

We’re remodeling our kitchen in a couple of weeks and so I’ve begun the process of cleaning out cabinets and drawers in preparation for the new cabinets. It’s amazing what kitchen tools we’ve accumulated over the years. As people who love to cook, we’ve become “gadget and appliance freaks,” always loving to try new tools.

But the process of purging and sorting has really made me think about what the essential tools of the kitchen really are. What are the things that I could not do without? Here’s a list of my essentials — which I’d highly recommend adding to any registry!

All Clad Measuring cups and spoons — I am in love with these measuring cups and spoons and am still grateful to the friends who gave them to us as a wedding present! I love that the 1 cup measuring cup has marks for smaller quantities like 1/4 cup and 3/4 cups, that way I don’t have to dirty multiple measuring cups. They are also very sturdy and feel substantial in the hand.

All Clad measuring cups and spoons

Kitchen Aid Mixer — Makes the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. Need I say more?

Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer

Heat-resistant silicone spatula — I use this when I cook, when I bake… it is my go-to mixing spoon and I love that I never have to worry about it melting.

OXO heatproof silicone spatula

Nesting bowls — I use these every day. Ev-er-y-day! I keep them in the cupboard in two sets so that they are easier to lift out.

glass nesting bowls

Colander — I prefer this type of colander to the large mesh colanders as the latter are very hard to clean — especially after draining pasta.

Footed Colander

Creamer — My Apilco Creamer comes in handy for not only serving up cream with coffee, but also when making small batches of vinaigrettes or for serving sauces.

Apilco Porcelain Creamer

Zester — We use this microplane zester way more than I ever would have imagined. It is easy to use and washes fairly easily, too.

Microplane Rasp Grater

Whirly Pop — OK, this may not be an essential, but I really can’t live without it! My husband and I love homemade popcorn and the Whirly Pop makes the best popcorn we’ve ever had.

Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Happy Birthday, Julia Child!

Julia Child would have turned 97 years old today. With or without the recent release of the movie Julie & Julia, Child’s birthday is certainly a significant day in the culinary world.

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate the day and honor her talents, ranging from cooking one of her recipes, watching one of her PBS shows, or hosting a party in her honor.  And, of course, there are smaller ways to tip your cap to the culinary legend.

For example, how adorable is this apron from Sara Smedley on Etsy?! She’s taken the motif from the cover of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1 and replicated it on a linen apron. Matching tea towels are also available.

Julia Vol. 1 Butcher's Apron by Sara Smedley on Etsy

Julia Vol. 1 Butcher's Apron by Sara Smedley on Etsy

For more of Rex & Regina’s thoughts on ways to celebrate Julie Child, check out Day One, Day TwoDay Three, Day Four, and Day Five of our recent series counting down to Julie & Julia and remembering the great Julia Child.