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A Flower for Fido

Our puppy Fletcher (18 months and still very, very “puppy”) is pretty adorable if I do say so myself. Shiny black coat, lean lab body, puppy eyes…. when she is behaving, boy is she the cutest dog in the world!

I wonder how she’d look donning this collar slider from BowhausNYC? I think it would be precious but I have a feeling my husband would nix the idea as too “girly!”

Florette Collar Slider from BowhausNYC

Fletcher relaxing


Travel Dog Bed

So dog ownership is starting to grow on me. It is a lot (let me say it again — a LOT!) of work, but Fletcher really does bring a lot of joy to the home. Life in the house would not be the same now without her.

Fletcher is not calm enough yet (she is still very “puppy”) to be able to travel on a vacation with us, but one day we hope to be able to take her along on our adventures. This doggy cushion via Martha Stewart would be perfect to bring when traveling. I love that it can be rolled up and that it is machine washable.

I’ve included a recent photo of Fletcher at the bottom just in case you were wondering how she is doing!

DIY Travel Doggy Bed via Martha Stewart

Fletcher the "Wonder Pup"

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Our puppy had to be rushed to the emergency vet a few days ago. She is OK now, but it was very scary in the moment. We feel so bad for her that she is sick — which makes us want to spoil her even more than usual. She is on a very bland diet now, but I think when she is up for it, I might make her these homemade dog biscuits (which, as an aside, could make a great gift for fellow dog lovers).

Get well soon, Fletcher!

DIY Doggy ID Tags


My husband and I got a puppy this week. Her name is Fletcher and she is a 9-week-old black labrador retriever. We think she is pretty darn cute which will go a long way when she is whining and barking at 3:00 a.m. just because she wants to play!

She came home with a collar and leash but now we need to get an ID tag for her. I spotted this DIY tag idea on Martha Stewart and may just give it a try. There are many playful designs to choose from in a variety of colors. Which one should I try?

Martha Stewart DIY Pet ID tags