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Beautiful Orange and White Arrangement

I simply adore this arrangement featured on One Charming Party. As they suggest, it would be perfect for Mother’s Day. I could also see it as part of a Spring tablescape, a ladies’ tea, a bridal shower…. The bright orange color and the pops of citrus make it a happy addition to any table!

orange centerpiece via One Charming Party

High Style and Design at the Corcoran Ball

The 56th Annual Corcoran Ball was the place to be this past weekend. The event is one of the most prestigious fundraisers in DC and hours upon hours are spent making sure it is one of, if not the most, beautiful galas in town. The Corcoran Ball raises money for the Corcoran Gallery of Art and its many important education and outreach programs. The often one thousand or more guests in attendance all come out to support the Gallery and to have a fabulous time.

One of the highlights of the evening is the way that the galleries are decorated and the design of the tablescapes that the guests sit at. The event is catered and designed annually by Occasions Caterers, one of DC’s premiere catering companies, in conjunction with the Gala Committee. I had the opportunity to walk through the Gala to see the beautiful tablescapes and unique touches Occasions created for the guests of the Ball.

Congratulations to the Corcoran and to Occasions for a gorgeous event!

Flowers are by Jack Lucky, lighting by Light-olutions, and equipment/rentals and tenting are by Perfect Settings.

the main floor

double napkins are all the rage

these chandeliers are stunning

the view from above

triple plates and a dramatic napkin fold

tassled chair topper

purple + red = drama

rose petals dot the plate

forgive the photo... here is stunning, masculine setting perfect for the charcoal-paneled room

lush texture makes for a stunning arrangement

I love this napkin fold

yellow is always so cheery; paired with black it packs a punch

each plate around the table had a different letter on it, drawing from the "alphabet" tablecloth

I adore this chair cushion. It is the epitome of feminine.

sparkle, sparkle, sparkle

here, umbrellas are a fun way to add height to a room with a seemingly limitless ceiling

I love the repetition of circles in this tablescape

this flatware is adorable

forgive the fuzzy photo of this beautifully canopied table grouping

copper, mint, and brick red is a fabulous combination

once again, the chair cushions are divine

the canopy

a tropical wonderland

a coconut water glass -- too clever!

mod tables with a pop of poppies

cocktail tables in the late night party space

lounge area for the late night party

gorgeous planters each filled with one type of flower line the grand staircase

Creating Conversation around the Table: Table Seating

My guest post on DC Ladies Blog today focuses on the etiquette and customs around seating people around a dinner table. Some may find the guidelines outdated, but I contend that they really can create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.

Learn the guidelines and tips by reading the full post at DC Ladies Blog!


Old MacDonald Had a Set of Farmhouse Linen Placemats

I adore these linen placemats from Simrin, available at Burke Decor or Velocity. A set of four includes a silk-screened pig, hen, cow, and sheep. Placed on a farmhouse or bare wood table, these would look so natural and lovely. And I know passing by the table each day, I couldn’t help but chuckle at them. They are adorable!

Simrin pig placemat

Simrin pig placemat

Farmhouse placemats

Farmhouse placemats

Scrabble tile place cards

My absolute, all-time favorite board game is Scrabble. It’s a little like golf for me — I am terrible at it but it never stops me from wanting to play again, and again, and again.

So I was tickled pink when I saw this clever idea on the LA Style Unveiled Blog recently for Scrabble Tile Placecards. Are they not fabulous? Perfect for a game night dinner, engagement party, or a rehearsal dinner, the placecards would be a whimsical addition to any table setting.

Scrabble Tile Placecards as seen on Los Angeles Style Unveiled

Scrabble Tile Placecards as seen on Los Angeles Style Unveiled

Scrabble tiles and trays can be purchased as replacement pieces so you don’t have to buy the full game itself ten times over. For a large event where you’re using lots of the Scrabble placecards, I’d suggest affixing the tiles to the tray with double-sided tape to keep them secure, otherwise they are bound to get bumped off.

The Art and Etiquette of Napkins

Beautiful blooms set into a folded napkin, from Martha Stewart

Beautiful blooms set into a folded napkin, from Martha Stewart

I am often asked by brides the best way to incorporate the napkin into the place setting at a wedding. My answer is always the same: there are lots of choices and the decision often depends on what else is “going on” with the place setting (e.g. will there be a favor set at each place setting, how many glasses will be on the table, will there be a first course already plated…).

These days there are no hard and fast rules as to where the napkin should go and how it should be folded. But if a bride is at all concerned about etiquette and tradition, it’s worth keeping in mind some long-standing do’s and dont’s when it comes to napkins.

1) Make sure the napkin is properly pressed. Period.

2) Please, whatever you do, DON’T put the napkin in the wine glass. T-A-C-K-Y. And not only that, but as Suzanne Von Drachenfels notes in The Art of the Table, “Because the fabric may leave lint in a wine glass, the stemware fold is not suggested for an elegant meal where a special wine is served.”

3) Consider a pocket fold if you are having a menu at each place setting. It helps make the menu look purposefully placed, like it has a “home.”

4) Traditionally, it was considered an ostentatious act if a hostess placed the napkin to the side of the plate, rather than on top of the plate as that was a sign she was showing off her china. For that reason, many still prefer to set the napkin on top of the plate (again, this works only if your first course is not already plated as guests sit down.)

5) Keep in mind the fabric. There is nothing worse than wiping your mouth against a scratchy napkin — or one that won’t absorb anything. For this reason I always encourage brides to feel the napkins and not just look at them as they select their linens.

6) Make sure extra napkins are on hand — you never know when you are going to need them. They fall to the ground, they are used to clean up a spill, they catch on fire (I wish I were joking)…

7) Don’t place a lot of stuff on top of the napkin as sometimes the items can fall out when guests pick up the napkin — this can be embarrassing and awkward for your guests.

These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing napkins and a napkin fold. Above all, keep your guests in mind and make sure that however the napkins are set that they complement the rest of your beautiful table!